18 07 2008

The following message arrived July 16 – thank you all for your help in this matter. It worked!

Greetings from IRanian Queer Organization:

We have just been informed by Paulo Casaca of the European Parliament
that United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has
finalized Kamal’s case and officially recognized him as a refugee.
Additionally, we are told, Reza’s application for refugee status is
due for final approval and should be concluded within the next few
days. Below is Paulo’s letter to IRQO:

Dear friends:

I have been in touch with the UNHCR offices and the information I have
received is as follows:

Both cases have been interviewed.

The case of Kamal (file number 06C3015) was finalized yesterday. He
was recognized as a refugee under UNHCR’s Mandate and his file is
being transferred to the resettlement unit. He will be notified on the
decision in the coming days.

The case of Reza (file number 06C03012) is still under consideration.
He has been interviewed and the Refugee Status Determination
assessment is currently under review for final approval. UNHCR expects
to have a decision in the coming days.

I will keep you informed on any more information I receive.

Yours sincerely,

Paulo Casaca

This is wonderful news for Kamal and Reza especially; for IRQO; and
for supporters and allies of all queer refugees.

In just a few days, UNHCR received a multitude of emails urging quick
action on Kamal’s and Reza’s cases.  This happy news is a testament to
what international community support can help achieve.

We thank all who supported Kamal and Reza by writing to UNHCR for
their quick action and assistance.

We also express great thanks to UNHCR for recognizing Kamal, and we
have hope that the same will be done for Reza very soon.

There are more Iranian queer refugees who are still in the lengthy and
complicated process toward refugee status that need a great deal of
support and assistance.  We hope to have your continued support with
these applicants, and will contact you in the near future for further

Arsham Parsi

IRanian Queer Organization – IRQO




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