Goodby and Good Riddance

19 01 2010

Governor Corzine leaves office today, not having delivered on any of his lavish promises to the NJ LGBT community. He went out of his way to court our votes and he got them. The NJ LGBT community is known as one of the most solid voting blocks in the state – a block that consistently votes for politicians that support our issues – and where is the payback? We were virtually guaranteed marriage equality and clearly, the Governor was either unwilling or unable to exercise the necessary political clout to influence the legislature. That leaves us to conclude the man is either incompetent or that he deceived us for temporary political advantage. Add this to the long list of  Corzine’s failures which include his inability to do anything about our state’s property tax crisis – an issue affecting gays just as much as straights.

I am informed that, privately, Corzine has shed tears of regret at “not being a better governor.” Well, he has quite a bit to cry about. Unfortunately, even in his final days in office, that regret did not translate into any practical effort to do even a little service for the LGBT community – his strongest and most reliable supporters. During his final days, a small but telling drama played itself out behind the scenes as an application for executive clemency was considered that was actively supported by significant elements of the NJ LGBT community. The details of this case will remain confidential. Suffice it to say that it was entirely non-violent, non-drug related, had been reviewed by professionals who rendered strong supporting opinions in writing and was of great personal importance to its LGBT supporters – respected members of both the LGBT community – all people with professional letters after their names – letters such as PhD and MSW and others –  as well as substantial friends of our community. To the best of our knowledge, it was the only gay related case submitted for clemency consideration. Even this little bone was not thrown to us. Corzine granted 14 applications from drug dealers, a disgraced Democrat politician (of course) and others but not ours. For reasons that remain a mystery, drug dealers had a higher priority than gays. So much for the gratitude of politicians! Behind that avuncular, grandfatherly image with the beard and the quaint sweater-vests, Corzine has shown himself to be be just one more mealy-mouthed, short range opportunist – a  promissory note that can’t be cashed. He is a man who, even on his last days in office, did not have the courage to do what was clearly and obviously the right thing. At least with the Republicans, we knew exactly where we stood. “How sharper than a serpent’s tooth” is the betrayal of someone who had been considered a friend. Goodby, Governor Corzine, and don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out.




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20 01 2010
Taylor Siluwé

Yes, Corzine was a disappointment. But he’s not alone.

After the election of Obama and that glorious moment for America (and the world), we allowed ourselves to forget how stupid the masses can be, how easily duped they are into voting against their own best interest.

Massachusetts taking a big squishy dump on the memory of Ted Kennedy (who won’t even spin in his grave this morning, being just too disgusted to bother) and all he stood for, is a wake up call that the people who formed most of the McCain/Palin crowd (which morphed into the Tea Party crowd) is winning the minds of the people with their fast and loose use of the truth.

With all the blather (and lies) over Obamacare socialism, the Sheepal have forgotten it was the Republicans who drove us into this ditch. But the Democrats are too busy looking for their balls.

Disappointment is running high these days.

21 01 2010

In the article you stated that Corzine has shed tears of regret at not having been a better governor. May I suggest that you send a copy of this to the present occupant of the White House, Prez Obama, while he still has time to ward off any upcoming “regrets” which will cause him to lose the support fo the glbt and make his ass a one-term president. No one ever learns from the stupidity of others.

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