Letter To Senator Gillibrand

5 11 2010

From: Tobias Grace, editor, Out In Jersey magazine http://www.outinjersey.net <http://www.outinjersey.net>

To: Sen. Gillibrand & Staff

Senator: You are of course, well aware of the on-going vigil outside your Manhattan office. I wonder however, if you have given full and appropriate weight to its most recent escalation; the fast undertaken by Alan Bounville. As both the editor of the region’s largest LGBT magazine and as someone who is proud to claim Alan as a personal friend, I urge and plead that you will view his action with the utter seriousness it merits. This is neither a joke nor a “scare” tactic. It is precisely what Alan has stated it to be. Be assured he will indeed carry this action through to its ultimate conclusion regardless of his own fate. That conclusion can be none other than his fading into death, such is his dedication to achieving equality.

You do not know Alan personally but I do. He is a person whose beauty of spirit and selfless dedication to the welfare of others are treasures our benighted old world can ill afford to lose. To lose him for want of a few words from yourself would be a tragedy both profound and inexplicable.

Without being presumptuous, I hope I may be permitted to point out that, with the campaign over and your victory sealed, it is time to act on the fine words and noble sentiments that ornament a political campaign – time to show the sincere concern for the well-being of your constituents you have advertised – time to show that the queer community is not merely a source of votes but is also the object of your very real concern.

If your advisors have told you to ignore the vigil, as it seems they have, do not permit them to also blind you to Alan’s fast. It would be a mistake both morally and politically. As a life-long student of history, I can absolutely assure you that if indeed this fast goes unabated, you, personally and your career as a legislator will be remembered not for whatever your accomplishments may be but for the fact that a beautiful young man chose to die on your doorstep rather than live in a world that relegated him and those like him to second class status as citizens and that you could have prevented it but did not.

Our publication will be watching and reporting on your actions in this matter – or lack thereof. We hope you do the right thing – for your own sake as well as Alan’s.

Sincerely, Tobias Grace, Out In Jersey magazine
“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that enough good men do nothing” Edmund Burke




3 responses

7 11 2010

This “suicide by starving” attempt is counterproductive. It is 2010, grow up. We make progress by educating people, not by trying to “embarrass, humiliate or shame” people. This childish stunt should be ignored by the media.

9 11 2010

Speaking of blood on their hands (the article below)… Have you not considered your own hands in endorsing this suicide by starvation? This may be a beautiful soul you’re writing about (and I believe he must be), but it is a misguided and childish tactic. Any reasonable adult would counsel: If one has to starve oneself to threaten a Senator to file legislation — and it still doesn’t work — one should probably reconsider their options. For you to encourage/support/endorse/promote this all-or-nothing martyrdom is irresponsible at best, Blood dripping from all over your hands, at worst.

13 11 2010
Madison Reed

Thank you Toby. I will be adding your letter to Senator Gillibrand to my blog, and linking it to other recent posts in support of Alan Bounville.

Madison Reed

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